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About hazel & pine

hazel & pine


About hazel & pine


In our years of traveling the globe taking photographs for socially conscious brands and projects, we have had the incredible honor of immersing ourselves in corners and communities around the world. We’ve witnessed sunrises over sacred landscapes from Peru to Nepal, taken in the circle of life on horseback among the Savannahs of East Africa, have been welcomed into the homes of artisans as we learn about ancient craftsmanship and local tradition, shared common interests over cups of tea in Morocco, and hung out with locals under a tin roof atop a mountain in Ethiopia in the middle of a thunderstorm. We hold these communities, moments, and memories closely in our hearts, forever woven into the fiber of our beings. 

With great honor, it's time to share the archives of these authentic moments from around the world. We believe it’s these moments—unscripted, uncontrived—that fuel honest human connection, provoke authentic conversations, and ultimately inspire us all to lead a slower, more intentional life. 

Welcome to the hazel & pine print shop.


With love, 

Ashley & Nicole

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