We Found The Blue Lagoon: Dongwe Oceanview Resort

Dongwe Oceanview Resort is definitely one those secluded get aways nestled off the beaten path on the East coast of Zanzibar. Between it's refined and minimal design, the bright blue water of the Indian Ocean steps from your room, and the friendly culture of local Maasai men it's an oasis to be experienced.

We spent our mornings in awe of the unbelievable colors of the sunrise, basked in the sun with books and cocktails, got to know the friendly staff, napped under the palms, and adventured out on one of the traditional old sails to snorkel among the majestic sea life.  And among it all, we had to stop and pinch ourselves several times to be sure we were really there.

The founders, Nigel and Andrea fell in love with this magical spot on the island years ago where they saw a vision to create and cultivate an experience people from all over the world could take home with them, and they did it well.  Along with their hotels, they also created the incredible and iconic Rock Restaurant which is a true haven in itself.  It's a traditionally built restaurant perched on a rock in the water, where you can find an exotic culinary experience with a wine and cocktail list that will keep you gazing under the stars until midnight (which we did.)

Hakuna matata is something you hear quite often on the island, and as we know from Lion King, means "no worries" so if you are looking for a unique island experience to let go of it all and soak up the wonders of this world, go to Zanzibar and put your feet up at Dongwe.  You won't regret it!


When given the chance, always go: a Zanzibar Holiday

Hidden off the Eastern Coast of Tanzania lies the exotic island of Zanzibar. Many cities we visited during our time in East Africa have been heavily influenced by the Western culture, but here on the island, ancient islamic traditions have been safe guarded from the modern man by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. For a magical five days we journeyed back in time to this tropical and bustling island. 

Airfare provided by Costal Aviation - The Flying Safari Company. 

Our first days on the island were filled wandering the narrow alleys lined by houses, shops, bazaars and mosques in Stone Town. The narrow cobble stone streets were too narrow for cars which created a vibrant city sprawl crowded with motorbikers, shop owners and travelers alike. 

During our time exploring Stone Town, we made Mtoni Marine our home. This boutique hotel is operated by Gioia, the most endearing Italian woman who shared with us her favorite spots to enjoy local cuisine and go antiquing. The staff's hospitality and rooms featuring traditional wooden carved pieces left us quickly enamored with this island.