Winding Down at Circa 39

Upon our return to the mainland from an inspiring weekend out at sea with some of the brightest and thought provoking people in business and the arts at Summit As Sea, we had the opportunity to enjoy a little r&r and allow for all the new knowledge to settle in at the Circa 39 Hotel.

As we searched for our temporary home, we came across Circa 39 Hotel. We were instantly enamored by this intimate property located just blocks from South Beach which boasts a vibrant Miami vibe inspired by international travel. The playful personality and global flair creates an equally welcoming and exciting environment. Plus, there are hidden vibrant spaces tucked away through out the property - perfect for us work from any where types who appreciate a tranquil on the road office space.

The property has everything one needs to make for the perfect holiday - ocean breeze, an intimate pool setting and the most refreshing cocktails that have been imagined up by the talented mixologist Leo Holtman. If you’re lucky enough to spot him at the WunderBar, make sure he serves you up a little magic in addition to the refreshing spirits.

While there are an abundance of options for lodging in the South Beach area, we loved supporting this locally owned and Krause Family run property who pioneered Miami hospitality in mid-beach since the early 90s. 

Although our time was short, we had the opportunity to travel up to Circa’s big sister property, The Palms Hotel & Spa to enjoy the debut dinner for Essensia Restaurant + Lounge’s Fall/Winter Menu. Chef Venoy Rogers III recently joined the team in July and we were delighted to see him bring his Southern Californian farm-to-table philosphy to the colorful streets of Miami. 

Our evening started out enjoying garden-to-table cocktails by mixologist Leo Holtman and then followed by a tour of their on-site chef’s organic garden that Chef Venoy Rogers personally oversees. A few of the highlights from the menu include Stuffed Scallops with Florida stone crab, Florida Stone Fruit & Burrata heirloom tomato with beet ‘soil’ and a personal favorite, Cauliflower ‘Steak’ with garden herbs and sweet potato fettuccini. 

If you’re planning to spend an upcoming adventure in South Beach, do yourself a favor and check out these delicious garden items and the delightful Circa 39.

Livin' La Vida Loca

Some call it living the crazy life, but we call it simply living.  

Even though we just recently settled into our new home in LA, Ashley's family invited us on a quick trip to Mexico and we were grateful to catch last minute flights where we woke up to the unbelievably blue water of Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, and it was more than worth it.  Livin' la vida loca may be one of our favorite mottos in life as of late, because it's simply too short not to.

We started the trip in the bustling town of Playa Del Carmen, where we slumbered downtown at the simple and lovely Aqualuna Hotel. Our room was nestled above a lush green garden, and we slept in a little too late each morning to the sounds of the birds which made our stay feel like a little sanctuary before heading out on the town for shopping, great eats, and the beach being just a short walk away.

Our second stop was the lovely town of Tulum. We were blown away by the sustainable and eco friendly community, delicious fresh food, and our incredible stay at The Papaya Playa Project. It is a true sanctuary in itself and there is no need to leave unless you want to go explore the town.  Papaya Playa Project is a sustainable resort designed so beautifully while allowing the natural surroundings to speak for itself.  It's filled with straw thatched bungalows, fresh pools with ocean views, floating beds, fresh juice bars, yoga classes, reiki and much more.  We wish we could have stayed for ten days to soak it all in, but we will definitely be going back for the full experience.


If you are looking for a quick weekend get away to let those colors of the big blue ocean sooth your soul and fill your wanderlust craving, these are your spots!


Under the Mountains of the Moon

Western Uganda stole our hearts and it remains a fierce kind of love that keeps us yearning for more. 

Every once in awhile your soul connects with a place, a land, an experience and even though you may be thousands miles from the place your call your own, it feels as though you've come home. 

As we woke up to the lush landscape on the rim of an ancient crater lake beneath the legendary Mountains of the Moon, we could finally hear ourselves breath again and be reminded of just how grand of an adventure we were blessed to be on.


During our time spent in Fort Portal we hid out at Kyaninga Lodge, a lodge that has curated a paralyzing beautiful experience for all their guests. The lodge was born from a vision of Englishman Steve Williams and after six years of unwavering commitment and a thousand hand carved logs later the most captivating lodge in Fort Portal was born. 

The lodge was built to provide an intimate experience for each guest as each resident resides in one of eight private cottages built out on the rim of the crater only to be connected to the main lodge by a raised wooden walkway. 

Kyaninga Lodge is less than an hour away form the Kibale National Park, one of Africa's premier destinations for chimpanzee tracking and conveniently located within a two hour drive of Queen Elizabeths National Park.