A day with Krochet Kids

We hit the road with a playlist ready excited to head North from Kampala to Gulu.  The sun beat down as the blasted music carried us through the red, bumpy dirt roads and the vibrant colors of the landscape kept us mesmerized.  Questions arise in ones mind of the complex history of such a place, but then the smiles of the natives remind you that strength is what reigns over the human spirit, and the answers come back around to the simple fact that we are all in this thing called life together and we are humbled to be a part of it.

We were welcomed with open arms by the Krochet Kids team, as we have both been admiring their mission and model for quite some time.  The large group of women sat under the shaded trees at work as their babies and children bring together what seems to be community at it's finest. After visiting with the team, mentors and women, we got to work to bring to life the "Know Who Made It" campaign.  

Two women, Acayo Christine and Aketch Sunday were hand picked for their professional and personal accomplishments as they have both exceeded in their work and have saved up enough income to start their own profitable farms.  Each of these ladies took the job opportunity and education provided by Krochet Kids to shift their worlds to one of independence. We were deeply inspired by spending the day with these women, seeing their farms, and humbled they opened their homes to us.  Not to mention an epic dance party with Aketch Sunday and her children in their village!

So we'll end with this and hope the photos can give you a tangible glimpse. 

Sometimes our paths cross with extraordinary souls and the time spent together changes you. Thank you Krochet Kids for introducing us to these bright women, we hope to be back in the future.