All tucked away at Noon Lodge at Mallard Bay

There's few places that speak to our souls like the mountains do. Los Angeles can be a vibrant and bustling city where visions come alive, but often for us it takes slowing down, turning on some good tunes and retreating to nature to truly be able to visualize what's next. 

This Winter we made a sweet escape to the little town of Big Bear, California and found The Noon Lodge at Mallard Bay, to call home . This historic mountain retreat was built in the early 1900s and with a lot of love and TLC breathed back into it, the folks over at The Noon Collection have created a safe haven that's equally balanced by vintage charm and modern design.

The lakefront lodge is perfectly tucked away from town just a short mile from all that downtown Big Bear village center has to offer. 

Whether you're looking for a Summer or Winter city escape, Big Bear has endless activities to enjoy year round. So here's to weekends by the fire, with your favorite record on and time on the slopes or in the lake.