Being Home

Being home. Even those words feel nice to write, likely because it's been quite a long time since we've been home, to just be. After years of being on the road at least once a month, life and work has kept us in Los Angeles for the past few months and it's been so healing, not to mentioned grounding in so many ways.

Waking up to fresh brewed coffee in your own kitchen has become quite a treat (who knew?) reading in the hammock is daily medicine for the soul, intentional quiet time to organize thoughts and ideas has been revolutionizing... oh and cooking, evenings of vinyl and wine, dinners with friends, the desire to put some serious tender loving care into our own space, and so much more. It's been all about the little things.

You know, that state called nesting, it's a real thing.  And for a while now we've been eyeing some beautiful ethically made home goods and one of them we've specifically fallen in love with is the beautifully woven textiles of Ara Collective to adorn our space with. Straight up eye candy for the home, intricately hand woven by artisans in Mexico and Guatemala, which has also been calling our name so we'll have to be sure to pack our bags and head South as soon as this nesting phase lightens up a bit and go say hi to these wonderful communities full of so much talent.

But for now, we wanted to share with you a peak into our space, which we'll be sharing a lot more of in the future. And by the way Ara, you are killing it with the mix of muted tones and playful pops of color, we are giddy to have it brighten up our home inside and out.   

Be sure to check out their most recent collection here, which is made in Peru and full of serene blues and vibrant reds that'll give you all the feels.