Everything Is Better the Second Time Around

Especially organs.

We recently partnered up with Organize, who is changing the game of how to become a registered organ donor by making it way more accessible, and making the patient waiting process a thing of the past. Prior to our time spent with Organize, we were unaware of how broken the organ donation system is in our country and how possible a solution truly is. Currently, 21 Americans die each day due while waiting on organs and while 95% of American support organ donation, only 40% are registered. 

And not only is Organize changing policy behind the scenes, they are bringing awareness to the issue in a really rad way by collaborating with the effortlessly genius women behind Conscious Commerce. Throwback T's and 70s inspired parties make organ donation quite hip in our opinion.

Imagine this: a can't-live-without vintage t-shirt, turned inside out with a catchy message on it, such as "I don't want your money, I want your heart." All the while, when purchased you can register country wide to be a donor and become an active part of the solution. 

We had a blast bringing this crew together, who also happen to be some of our favorite peeps. Give us any excuse to bring in the throw back and we'll take it.