Threads for Thought

Through years of growing up shopping at the local mall, boutique, or even now in our generation it's one click of a button and you can find yourself a couple hundred dollars deep in an online shopping cart.  Most of the time, we wear it a few times and it then gets lost in the thick of our closets, so in retrospect when you really think about it, that couple hundred dollars was a very temporary spend.

But one thing we've been pining over for quite a while now is thoughtful and conscious design. The story behind it, the hands who made it, and most importantly the fact that the purchase in the long run is an investment in the person who made it to improve quality of life, or as Apolois says "it's the revolutionary way to harness the power of business to create social change."  And we believe in that whole heartedly.

You know those handmade goods from afar you smile about as they decorate your home, or those quality sewn pieces you walk down the streets feeling like a well-traveled soul in and you can't help but tell anyone who asks the whole story behind it because the brand is on such a rad mission?  Yep we get it.

Whether it be LA made, goods from afar, or carved in the trails of the Appalachians we believe in the mission behind conscious design, and we want more of it.

Recently, we shot an adventure themed shoot with some of our favorite ladies over at SoulPowered and draped them in a couple of our favorite thoughtful threads, Sseko Designs and Yellow 108