Free People: Dreams of a Silverado Night

We had the honor of working with some of the lovely ladies from Free People Bellevue to bring our vision alive of those last nights of summer we all hold onto for dear life.

The sounds of the old engine, the perfectly subtle static in an old radio, and that big ol' steering wheel driving through the green landscape of the Northwest is where our souls feel most at home.

Those last nights of summer where you can feel those golden hours soaking into your soul. They knock at the wild heart which lies beneath and you can feel a new adventure settling into your bones.  Pack your bags and take the road less traveled and bond with the sounds of the old Silverado engine which tells stories on the unknown road.  Find the adventure, chase the light, while letting the sounds and sights of the final days of a northwest summer prevail.

Here is a peak, but you can check the full story out on the Free People blog HERE.

Styling: Nikki Cloud @nikki_fishstikx

Set Design: Laura Burkhart @lauraburkhart