Wild Waters: A nestled oasis on The Nile

Every woman must find her island. 

As much as our creative energy is fueled from the chaos and flurry that is Kampala, as we approached our month anniversary in Uganda we decided that we needed to create the time to wake up nestled in nature so we could truly reflect on all that we had experienced thus far.

 As we scoured online to find the perfect retreat for our weekend of solitude, we stumbled across Wildwaters Lodge – a secluded oasis in the lush rainforest on it’s own private island on The Nile River. This was to be home our home.

Each morning, we awoke to the warm African rays peaking through our canvas walls and the scent of fresh brewed Ugandan coffee that filled our island home. The days were filled with simple pleasures of journaling and long indulgent bubble baths in the tub perfectly placed above the lush bend of the river and the thunder of The Nile rapids soothed us to sleep.  Our stay truly was extraordinary and revitalizing in everyway.