The Artisans

It's one thing to walk into a village and admire the vibrant colors and textures around you, but it's another to observe the rich traditions of handmade artisanal techniques.  While shooting for The Citizenry and traveling through different regions of East Africa, we have not only been inspired by the high quality craftsmanship that exists here, we have been reminded of the power of nature itself and all of the resources it offers to allow us to create.

These radiant women of Uganda carry on their cultural traditions by weaving with fibers such as raffia, sisal, and banana leaf.  All woven and died with their hands from local plant dyes, and watching the process from the beginning truly brings an appreciation for the vastness we are surrounded by and the possibilities we can cultivate.

It was special to spend time with these talented women and photograph their work, and even more fun to end the day with a legit village dance party.